Beyond Agile Israel 2023

This year's theme: Backstage Agile, behind the curtains

We learned and were inspired from key international speakers and thought leaders
on Agile and beyond.

We had proactive networking, amazing live graphic facilitation, and above all it was a unique and energetic conference.

You’re invited to go over the talks, download the presentations and experience the visual capture illustrations that follow and bring vivid life to each video.



Ajimeh is an Israeli-based international consulting company.
We help organizations expand and improve their business consciousness using various solutions from the AGILE world and beyond.

Ajimeh offers the combined experience of seasoned trainers & industry experts to provide the best Agile transformations, training and international certificates from the main AGILE organizations: Scrum Alliance, and Management 3.0

A great workspace for independent teams

Michal Epstein & Limor Halfon, Ajimeh

Ajimeh’ Partners, & Management 3.0 certified trainers & agile coaches 

Don't miss your chance for improvement

Erez Morabia, Rapyd

A software engineering manager and a pragmatic agile coach, striving for high performing teams. Worked in small startups as well as big corporates. Certified trainer, mentor, and lecturer for business agility in the Israeli industry and globally. Passionate mentor, optimistic motivator, patient listener, creative resolver and self-learner.

Build Your Cultural Agility

Anat Geller & Arona Maskil, Trainingcq

Working across countries and time zones through virtual means of communication presents a challenge in and of itself; adding cultural differences only increases these challenges. In an interactive presentation, we will showcase how building “cultural agility” will enable you to work from a global mindset perspective to build trusting and sustainable work relationships.

The value in VSM and how to stop wasting your time

Yuval Koren, Micro Focus

Yuval Koren is an R&D Director at MicroFocus with 15 years’ experience making software in the field of Application Lifecycle Management, helping customers to manage their digital transformation. By leading MicroFocus new VSM methodology in recent years, Yuval has become an expert on Value Stream Optimization, implementing VSM capabilities into the company ValueEdge framework to help customers optimizing their processes.


With a background as an instructor in the I.A.F, and an Instructor at Hi-Tech Colledge, I have made many presentations during my carrier. More recenty, I am presenting and demoing the VSM methodology to customers all over the world, such as BMW, Hastings, Airbus.

Less is more - how we squeezed our working week and improved in every aspect

Segev Baron, Sage

Segev Baron is a Senior Director of Engineering at Sage and leads Sage’s Israeli R&D hub, which builds modern AI-driven tools for financial automation and analysis.

The managers are not the problem. Upskill your business, the way to increase employee productivity

Idan Tapiro, HRplus
Idan Tapiro is a partner and co-founder at HRplus. In the last decade, he has been leading the concept of “Skills is Life” that is being implemented as an HR strategy in many organizations.

Aurora-Gility Use case

Gregory Morav, Marwa Shalabi, Aurora labs
Wonderful Journey to Agile World 

5 ways to boost your Scrum!

Evelien Acun-Roos, Xebia

With over more than 12 years in the Agile environment, I now fully focus on sharing knowledge; teaching, conferences, developing and improving of trainings and trainers. As a trainer at Xebia Academy I focus on teaching. I teach trainings from and I am also certified to teach the ‘Training From the Back of the Room’ and have co-created the Virtual Edition of it with Sharon Bowman...

If you want your teams to be curiousת you need to facilitate better

Patricia Kong,

Patricia Kong is Product Owner of Enterprise Agility and Learning at She helps organizations thrive in a complex world by focusing on enterprise innovation, leadership and teams. She is a people advocate and fascinated by organizational behavior and misbehaviors. She emerged through the financial services industry and has led product development, product management and marketing for several early stage companies in the US and Europe. She is a co-author of the book, The Nexus Framework for Scaling Scrum as well as the Guide to Evidence-Based Management and Nexus Guide. Patricia lived in France and now lives in her hometown of Boston. 

Powerpoint Karaoke