Agile Transformation Process

This is a general recipe created from our extensive experience. Together we will add the filling of your choice.

Phase 1:

Get to know your organization

  • Reveal major pain points
  • Engage the leadership
  • Define the vision
  • Agree on measurements for success
  • Analyze/Assess the organizational culture and structure
  • Establish the right working methodology for the organization (Sew the appropriate suit)
  • Train the people

Phase 2:

Begin the journey

  • Establish organizational cadance and routines
  • Visualize the work
  • Escort the teams
  • Tools and monitoring
  • Manage resistance
  • Mentor leaders and managers
  • Facilitatie forums of knowledge
  • Inspect and adapt for continuous improvement

Phase 3:

Energy Boost

  • Enrichment workshops such as:  Gamification, Communication skills, Creativity, And more
  • Spread the rumour for other parts of the organization
  • Make sure AGILITY is now part of your DNA.
  • Save you a spot as a speaker in our annual Beyond Agile Israel conference so you can share your success story with the global AGILE community

The most dangerous phrase in the language is
"We've always done it this way."

Rear Admiral Grace Hopper

Coaching and Mentoring for Management and Teams

Our team of experts includes experienced coaches and organizational consultants.

We are highly experienced with coaching and mentoring for senior managers, mid level managers, scrum masters and more. 

We FOCUS on: 

Gaining TRUST and RESPECT for people

OPENNESS and growth mindset

COURAGE  to make tough decisions

COMMITMENT to take actions and improve

Leading Innovation and Creativity Consulting

Creative Storytelling

Telling our unique story, shaping our challenges and goals in the form of creative storytelling thus bringing creative solutions to our problems and sketching them out. (Using thinking canvas, drawings, visual storytelling, creating illustrated books etc.)

Creative language

Teaching the teams creative language that enhances the creative mindset and allows collaborative and innovative thinking in the organization.

Innovation session

How to maximize creativity using branching minds, thinking canvases, mind maps etc.

Inner Branding

Wild & Creative inner branding (team spirit, underground vision, team goals etc.) that brings the team together and forms a unique organizational language.


Gamification sessions in which we learn and establish new methods such as Fair-e-Tale, Creative Visual Boards etc. to overcome organizational pains using creativity and innovation

Design sprints

How to maximize creativity using branching minds, thinking canvases, mind maps etc.

Bank of Hours - Quick Purchase

Do you want to launch a quick and swift consulting phase to examine a cooperation or to solve a fixed challenge?

You can quickly purchase a small bank of hours and meet even this week