Beyond Agile Israel 2018

For the first time, we gathered all kind of “mixed martial arts” Agile tools that not only support Agile but also bring Agile to its next level. From mindfulness to MOB programming, from #NoEstimates to facilitation, from advanced theories to powerful practices, all of them are gathered in a one energetic and efficient conference!

A Grand Opening


Danko opens the first Beyond Agile Israel conference with warm words, great excitement and a tear.

Wave2 Of Agile: Agile Leadership Redefined

Michael Sahota
Michael is a Leadership and Culture expert, who trains executive teams, coaches and managers on how to create high performance organizations He is a Certified Enterprise Coach, Certified Agile Leadership Educator with the Scrum Alliance and a published author.
In his spare time, Michael is Ben Stiller’s stunt double and communes with nature using his alien type communication skills.
In this talk, Michael presents Wave 2 of Agile: Living the Agile Mindset for High Performance

MOB Programming

Woody Zuill

Woody Zuill has been programming computers since 1982, and hasn’t yet figured out how to stop. He spends most of his time traveling around the world sharing Mob Programming, sleeping in airports, and always depending on the kindness of strangers. He is here to share Mob Programming, and is depending on your kindness, so please welcome him with an open mind…

Happiness In A Team

Dr Ohad Barzilay

Dr Ohad Barzilay from TLV University with surprising Agile examples from the areas of software and hardware design. Through surprising examples from the field of design, software, hardware and working methods (as scrum), Dr Barzilay examines how Agile ideas are expressed in development management Dr Ohad Barzilay’s talk was graphic facilitated/illustrated by Boaz Fine

Leadership & Influence

Dr. Shaul Nechamkin

Dr. Shaul Nechamkin talk covers the following fundamental questions: What is the core purpose of leadership? What is the source of leadership? Learn to identify the leader added value? What drives commitment?

Mindfulness Based Leadership

Dr. Keren Tzuk

Dr Keren Tzuk talks about her experience of mindful approaches to leadership and management. She demonstrates how a clear view and a maintained mind can change completely the success of a project. She also lets the crowd of hundreds taste a short and very effective mediation tool and style.

Peak Performance And Agile Retrospective

Yuval Behar

Yuval Behar, a cognitive behavioral therapist and sport psychologist will talk about the connection between sport peak performance, and retrospective process as a way for never-ending improvement

Innovative Environment

Konstantinos Areklas
Konstantinos Areklas, a Certified Scrum Trainer talks about agile mindset and the need to actually live agile in order to avoid failure.

No Estimates

Woody Zuill

Woody Zuill introduces the concept of estimates and an approach to start working without, or to reduce your dependency on them, as well as the ways to explore possible alternatives.

Empathy & Creativity In The Agile World

Lim Seung Chan (Slim)

Seung (Slim) Lim from the USA will present a new choice for problem solving, exploring the role of design & empathy in creativity & innovation.

Avoiding Resistance To Change

Nir Hirsh

Nir Hirsh from Elbit Systems shared his view from a case study of a successful large scale Agile transformation. What are the desired traits and the unwanted features to be avoided.

Scaling Agile In Mega Projects

Gili Regev & Amitai Cohen

Gili Regev & Amitai Cohen from Proceed talk about Agile program management in the VUCA time. When the end customer keep changing demands, the corporate expects predefined deliverables, development working in sprints and the contract is Turn key …

Closing Panel

Limor Halfon, Danko (Danny Kovach), Dr. Keren Tsuk, Boaz Fine, Rinat Gil and Ronen Bar Nahor.

The closing panel on Beyond Agile Israel 2018 – Talking about what consists of Beyond Agile – What are the key components of Beyond Agile? How do you go Beyond? Why is Agile Failing?