Moss on rock

Stop calling them SOFT SKILLS! Introducing CORE SKILLS






Critical thinking.

Decision-making….. etc

Some people call them soft

Soft, mushy, eradicating, menting away, unreliable, un-supportive.
Yea, we don’t have time to invest in creativity, it’s  soft
We didn’t put the budget in for Coaching practices, they’re not the core

But they’re hardcore, hard to master hard as a hammer when you have them,
Ass steel-wood, they mature slowly, through life expectencies, and ordeals
They’s not something you’ll take a coursera or mindvalley for to master, but they’re hard work step-by step through workshops and mentoring and core understanding

It’s not that you can’t learn them, of course you can! But it’ll take time and nurturing. And work.
Hardcore desicion work


They don’t ware out, they don’t outdate

You can have a manager dumb as a bell with anything to do with tech abilities, but when they’re full of CORE skills, they’re the guys you want.

Hard as steel wrapped in soft skin



So what are soft skills?
Yea, that would be all the tech stuff
Pure soft
Java, C++, QA, Nuclear Physics


Compared to CORE skills they’re easier to master (just put in the time and effort), constant changing in trends and evolvement of profession, waring out through time
They’re just not in your CORE.
Java isn’t core, it’s external knowledge
Elementor isn’t carved in stone in your heart, it’s a tool that changes with the wind and

Neglect them for 3 months… 3 years… 30 years and puff… they’re blown out, eradicated, worn, dissolved, outdated, forgotten, neglected…UNIMPORTANT!


Creativity will solder inside your guts as hard steel

Mentoring ability will break roots in your heart as a sequoia tree

Facilitation ability will hard-rock in your mind even after years of sole working

Human understanding will grow as hard oak

18 Core Skills. Photo by Pawel Czerwinski on Unsplash

Java will not help you at home, at the bus station, at the battle field, changing work, growing as a manager, with your grandchild.

An ability to small-talk and understand the reachout of another soul will

Java is SOFT

Social ability is HARD-CORE


Get the CORE SKILLS straight and everything can grow on them
Learn time management, learn creativity, learn desicion making, and your PHD in Nuclear Physics will grow as grape vine on rock and soil
Learn Mentoring and Communication skills and your managerial skills will thrive as moss on hard wood

So – first step is adoption and adapting the language:
They’re NOT soft skills, they’re CORE-SKILLS


So what are the 18 CORE SKILLS we’ve identified in Ajimeh?

  • Creativity
  • Team Work
  • Mentoring Ability
  • Decisiveness
  • Adaptation and Flexibility
  • Conflict Management
  • Openness & Vaulnerability
  • Deep Listening
  • Trust Worthiness
  • Humor & Playfulness
  • Resourcefulness
  • Problem Solving
  • Critical thinking
  • Pursuasion & Negotiation
  • Time Management and Focus
  • Long-Term Thinking
  • Delegation
  • Persistance


By: Boaz Fine
Imagination Executive/ Agile Coach / Graphic Facilitator / Partner in Ajimeh


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