It is time for Leadership

Martie the Management Model (M30)

I find a significant connection between our obligation as managers and leaders in this time period and the Management 3.0 model – the 6 views:

HOW TO ENERGIZE PEOPLE – It is crucial these days to ensure our team members and colleagues feel the power of their workplace community, maintaining our social continuity, deepening the way we know each other personally, and being there for each other.

It is an enabler for motivation and, more importantly, for personal and team health.

HOW TO EMPOWER TEAMS – Trusting your team members and colleagues and respecting each other as capable, independent individuals is essential.

Provide them with the WHY and the WHAT, and give them control to decide HOW.

There are many related key decision points aligned with your company and team values and goals that you can let your team members decide upon themselves.

Should we work from home or from the office? Can I volunteer to help others outside work, or should I focus only on our delivery? Can I do it with my team members?

Do we need this meeting, or is it just for creating a better-controlled system and actually interrupting in creating a more powerful one?

HOW TO ALIGN CONSTRAINTS – Enabling our teams a safe environment to work in, not just physically but also psychologically.

Ensure good communication and alignment to help everyone understand expectations and sensitivities.

Communicate and over-communicate our shared values and how we stand for them, especially these days, to keep our team and organizational culture identity continuity.

Many Israeli companies support diversity and have Arabs and Israeli people working together. As we all went through trauma after Oct. 7th and in our basic assumptions, it is essential to emphasize that we still share the same values and stand for human values, making everyone feel safe expressing themselves in the workplace.

HOW TO DEVELOP COMPETENCE – Another important capability to be resilient is to maintain the ability to bring value.

As leaders, we have the responsibility to provide our team members with the feeling that they provide value and can continue to do so. It is our leadership role to spread optimism by looking forward to how we can develop our team and team members’ competencies.

HOW TO GROW STRUCTURE – In this complex situation, with uncertainty, lots of ambiguity, and volatility, it is more important than ever to establish good communication structures and over-communicate.

It is also crucial for maintaining our logical continuity – understanding what is happening now, how our organization is dealing with it, and engaging everyone by ensuring they understand the same picture.

HOW TO IMPROVE EVERYTHING – Well, I hope I could answer that now… but at least on an organizational level, taking small steps, creating opportunities for sharing and learning, providing constructive feedback, and being able to handle sensitive conversations is crucial.

This is the time for leadership. This is the time to be clear about what you stand for.

This is the time to ensure that you enable a healthy environment for your people to develop their and your organizational resiliency and be proud of being part of it.

I wish you to continue spreading happiness at work!