Ajimeet 2019

An only case-study, full-fun, unofficial, friendly, effective and intensive Agile conference.  Thank you for an AMAZING experience. Ajimeet was truly a magical event for us.

Thank you, Microfocus. Thank you, Erez, Itamar, Dana, Tal, Noa, Eli and Yafit: You guys are a true inspiration. Thank you, amazing Agile community.

From Zero To Agile In A Year

Erez Morabia, Agile Leader, Avaya

Erez Moravia from Avaya shares insights and knowledge from great Agile experiments. 
The Avaya teams lead by Erez have experiminted widely with many Agile methods, creating their version of Agile.

Erez’s main tip: Don’t ever say “that’s it, we are Agile”

DevOps Journey

Itamar Zer Kavod, MicroFocus
Itamar Zer Kavud from Microfocus, delivers and explains the DevOps journey that Microfocus has conducted, and presents the unique tool developed inhouse that allows them to better preform the Agile way

Building A PMO Team In Hyper Growth Environment

Dana Vertheim, Chief PMO, Gett
Dana Verthaim from Gett describes how the PMO team was able to make an impact in a growing environment using coaching approach and team empowerment.

Extreme Agile

Tal Epstein, Head of IT, Indigo & Scitex, HP Indigo
Tal Epstein from Indigo brought true inspiration to the table, telling the story of an Extreme Agile tale. The dream and the vision of key people, sometimes even one person who creates coallitions, shows value and allows mistakes can pave an Agile road

Project Manager, Checkpoint

Noa Gross

Noa Gross from checkpoint presente da bottom up Agile process. Presenting the determination and the can-do mindset of a group that asked the organization to start being Agile. Creating an Agile island in a big organization.

#Scaling Agile

Eli PriPaz Cohen, Nice

Eli PriPaz from Nice, had a lot to share about Scaling Agile.

He made a topic prioritization with the audience and they chose: Dynamic teams, Agile engineering and Training.
Sharing the Nice way for dynamic teams, Eli presented how they allowed team to form around projects rather than dictating.
Talking about Agile Software Engineering, Eli presented a somewhat neglected topic – how should code be written in an Agile enviroment (hint:clean)

A Great Retrospective

Yafit Levi, Avaya
Presenting new & old ways to approach planning and thought process, that will spark creativity and fun in a once painful and slow process. Examples and test-cases inside: Mind maps & Fair-E Tale.