Beyond Agile Israel 2019

A Second Beyond Agile Israel conference, With Amazing energy, vibrance and an unsurpassed Agile spirit. So what did we have this year?

  • In the entrance (right after the ‘turn right for waterfall conference’ sign) – the Agile museum featuring dozens of graphic facilitation drawing from courses, Scrum days and meetups
  • a mix of case studies, inspiration and Agile lifting talks, including Dr Haim Shapira with a fascinating talk on our thinking patterns (I think therefore I’m wrong)
  • Live drawings on the big screen from each talk
  • An Agile clinic
  • Open workshops – on mindset and on powerful tools
  • An after lunch Scrumaga (a Scrum Krav Maga)
  • A MicroFocus escape box
  • Dozens of good feedbacks about how great it was
  • Many more ideas that will make it greater next year
  • 5 winners for our 2020 free conference ticket
  • One winner for the quadcopter prize, courtesy of 500Tech
  • one winner for a signed book by Jeff Sutherland: Scrum – The secret of doing twice the work in half the time. Courtesy of amazing Erez Morabia
  • Happy hour with beer, snacks and off conference discussions with Ajimeh team, speakers and participants on open issues and debaits.

You’re invited to go over the talks, download the presentations and experience the visual capture illustrations that follow and bring vivid life to each video.

The Biggest Mistakes In Implementing Agile

Danko opening Beyond Agile Israel 2019 & asking serious questions and discuss them in his funny way with the audience.

How do you implement Agile but not Scrum? What is NOT Agile? When you ask for Agile, what do you really want? What is the next step after Agile? and more to come…

Patterns On Using Large-Scale Scrum

Ráwn Nyman

Straight from Finland, Rán uses examples of Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS) adoptions to see what patterns work in large-scale development. What to focus on and what we learned from the setbacks.

Agile+PMI Equals Three

Oded & Galit Yaskerevitz Tietz

Woody Zuill has been programming computers since 1982, and hasn’t yet figured out how to stop. He spends most of his time traveling around the world sharing Mob Programming, sleeping in airports, and always depending on the kindness of strangers. He is here to share Mob Programming, and is depending on your kindness, so please welcome him with an open mind…

The MicroFocus DevOps Transformation Journey

Tali Lavie

Demand from the business to deliver faster, combined with increased software complexity, is driving organisations to adopt DevOps practices and scale them across the enterprise. In this session Tali will share our DevOps transformation story, how we changed our work culture, what we gained, and the challenges we faced.

The Mindset Of Winners

Moshe Ekroni

The true story of an R&D department who managed to adopt a growth mindset which allowed its members to make better decisions and improve department excellence. By learning a new and unique set of values and principles, the group was able to become one of the most innovative and cutting-edge R&D departments in the industry

50 Shades Of Agile

Erez Morabia
Throughout 2018 I went into a journey, learning and experimenting as much as I could about the endless shades of agile. In BeyondAgile2019 I would share with you my insights and thoughts… and what true agile means to me.

Agile Leadership

Zuzi Šochová
In order to change organization, leaders have to change first. Be one of them and turn your organization into a successful Agile organization.

Adding Agile Flavour To The Blind Spots Of Our Minds

Boaz Fine
Presenting new & old ways to approach planning and thought process, that will spark creativity and fun in a once painful and slow process. Examples and test-cases inside: Mind maps & Fair-E Tale.

Value Stream Mapping

Shay Virt
Value stream not only tool, first of all it’s a mind set. Why VSM and what are the benefits? Steps of Value Stream Mapping. Tips for effective VSM. A Case study

Infusing Security Awareness Into Agile Product Management

Efrat Wasserman & Elena Kravchenko
Infusing security awareness into Agile product management It is a common illusion that Product Managers in the current reality, can continue working to define products, without thinking about security aspects, and that this can be done at a much later stage in the product lifecycle. How can we turn the Product Manager to be a real security ambassador?

I Think Therefore I'm Wrong

Dr. Haim Shapira
The psychology and strategic thinking of decision making