Beyond Agile Israel 2022

This year's theme: Beyond software, Learning from our challenges

For 9 hours we learned and were inspired from key international speakers and thought leaders
on Agile and beyond.

We had proactive networking, breakout rooms with the speakers after each and every talk, amazing live graphic facilitation, thought provoking interactive charts …and above all it was a unique and energetic conference.

You’re invited to go over the talks, download the presentations and experience the visual capture illustrations that follow and bring vivid life to each video.



Ajimeh is an Israeli-based international consulting company.
We help organizations expand and improve their business consciousness using various solutions from the AGILE world.

Ajimeh offers the combined experience of seasoned trainers & industry experts to provide the best training and international certificates from the main AGILE organizations: Scrum Alliance,, SAFe and Management 3.0

What I learned working for Elon Musk

Joe Justice

A speaker, founder of WIKISPEED and operated Agile@Tesla from Tesla’s Fremont. Created the disciplines Extreme Manufacturing, Scrum@Hardware, and The Justice method.

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Team building and forming Agile in a Social Organization

Tami Abend & Zohar Vololvesky

Zohar Vololvesky is a human capital development manager for JDC Israel.

Tami Abend works to develop occupational social innovation and create advanced solutions in the world of employment.


Agile Unicorns

Erez Morabia
A software engineering manager and a pragmatic agile coach, striving for high performing teams. Worked in small startups as well as big corporates. Certified trainer, mentor, and lecturer for business agility in the Israeli industry and globally. Passionate mentor, optimistic motivator, patient listener, creative resolver and self-learner.

Quarterly Planning - present progressive to future perfect

Nofar Ben-Kereth & Neta Agmon

Neta Agmon, VP Product

Nofar Ben-Kereth, R&D Operation Manager

Using brain science in your Scrum Events

Evelien Acun Roos

With over more than 11 years in the Agile environment, I now fully focus on sharing knowledge; teaching, conferences, developing and improving of trainings and trainers. As a trainer at Xebia Academy I focus on teaching. I teach trainings from and I am also certified to teach the ‘Training From the Back of the Room’ and have co-created the Virtual Edition of it with Sharon Bowman.

Chemistry Research with Agile methodology

Dr. Carmit Ophir
As the Director of R&D Program Management at StoreDot, Carmit manages multiple R&D agile-based projects in the development of a proprietary extreme fast charging (XFC) Li-ion battery. Connecting between the corporate business and the research division, she manages R&D projects in multiple disciplines, including organic and inorganic synthesis, nanomaterial development and electrolyte development

Seeking Nirvana – Predictability in a Complex World

Jose Casal
Jose Casal is a business agility consultant & trainer with extensive experience. He is dedicated to helping organizations and individuals embrace modern management concepts including Flow Thinking, Kanban, Flight Levels & Scrum.

Scale Heroes: case study panel

Participated in the Panel:

Idan Shalmon & Vadim Reznikov
The product and development managers from Spiral Solutions

Meytal Gilat-Tal 
Senior Program Manager at Western Digital

Rony Maimon
Group Development Manager at Amdocs

Ilan Sherman 
Senior Agile Coach in Ajimeh and a Certified SAFe trainer

So your R&D is agile but what about your product?

Ahi Gvirtsman

Over his career, Ahi Gvirtsman has accumulated a rich experience in forming, building and running innovation programs for various types of organizations both as the manager of such programs and as a mentor to innovation managers of diverse types of organizations (corporations, municipalities, military). He personally designed, built and managed the innovation program of HP’s software division covering 20,000 employees worldwide. 

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